Updates from the Practice Team

Patient Experience Survey

Aug 26 2019

Thank you very much to those of you who are participating in the on-line survey.  We really appreciate your comments and the time you've taken to complete the survey.  Many of you have commented on other parts of the health care system (the hospital, specialist, laboratory and x-ray, for example).  It's good to see those comments because our aim is to continuously improve the coordination between all areas of the health service.

Several people commented that they're finding the electronic portal Manage My Health (MMH) useful.  But you've said that medications are not always on the list for you to choose when making an on-line prescription request, so we'll work harder to ensure all the long-term medications are visible.  In the meantime, if you think something is missing please send us a MMH message or ring us and we'll sort it out. 

Some of you say you've experienced difficulty getting an appointment with us on a Friday afternoon, so we'll look at ways to make this better.

New phone system

Aug 22 2019
On 22 August 2019 we had a new phone system installed.  When you call us from now on, you’ll reach an automated attendant with three options: Reception, Nurse and Practice Manager. There will be some voice mail options if you wish to use these.  We'll appreciate your understanding during the next few weeks while we learn how to use the new phones.  Please don't leave urgent messages on voice mail.  If you can't reach us and you have an emergency, hang up, call 111 and ask for an ambulance.

Website issue

Aug 21 2019

 Our website was taken off-line for security reasons about two weeks ago.  Our provider has completed a review,  and all content and links are as expected.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Free Workshops "Living Well with Type 2 Diabetes"

Jul 26 2019

Living well with type 2 Diabetes

Would you like to know more about Type 2 diabetes & living well?

You are invited to 4 FREE workshops in August:

Tuesday 6th- What is diabetes and your medications

Tuesday 13th- Managing for a healthy future

Tuesday 20th- Lifestyle - food and activity

Tuesday 27th- Emotional wellness and diabetes

Time: 6 - 7pm

Where: Tū Ora, Compass Health,

3rd floor, City Fitness Bldg,1 Walton Leigh Ave,


Presented by Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Dietitians and Health Improvement Practitioners.

All welcome to any session - no need to book.

Bring your whānau/fanau along

More workshops will be in:

Porirua - October

Phone Erin 027 484 5786

Wellington– September, November

Phone Vicki 027 256 7140


Jul 20 2019

Community Services Card Holders - From 1 July 2019 our 15 minute consultation fee has increased: 18 years and older - $19.00; 14 -17 years - $13.00.  Our normal 15 minute GP consultation remains free for children under 14.  There will be a general fee increase applicable from 1 August 2019 for all other services.  Please see our chart of fees for details.

Influenza vaccine for children aged 6 - 25 months

Jun 24 2019
We have a limited number of influenza vaccines available for children.  Please call our nurses to enquire.

Health Care Home

May 13 2019

The Health Care Home (HCH) model of care is intended to result in a number of improvements for General Practice, specifically related to four areas:

This means we'll be making some changes over the next three years. We started in October 2018.

What we've done so far:

1.  GP triage: people requesting a same day appointment may be phoned by their doctor to discuss the situation.  This will sometimes mean that a face-to-face appointment isn't needed, or can be deferred.  

2.  Extended hours:  we're now open for some earlier morning and later afternoon appointments each week.

3.  Workforce expansion: we've appointed a Primary Care Practice Assistant (PCPA),  a new role for General Practice. Tessa joined us in January, and she does some reception work, as well as assisting our nurses across a range of work, including contacting people with reminders e.g. tests, vaccinations.  

4. We've introduced monthly multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings with our community-based and hospital colleagues, including district nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, social workers, aged care specialists and others.  This will mean we'll be able to coordinate better care for people with complex health needs, and help reduce time spent in hospital and the emergency department.

What's next:

Soon we'll introduce Year of Care Plans (YOC) for people with high health needs.  The aims of YOC are: to maximise a patient's choice and control; to maximise a person's independence and functioning; to maximise a person's wellbeing; and to minimise medical intervention, unnecessary hospital admission and premature admission to long term care.

We're planning to take phones away from reception for improved privacy and a quieter experience in the waiting room.  Soon our new phone system will be here: this will include an automated assistant and voice mail capacity to reduce the time callers spend waiting on hold.  We're also encouraging more people to register for Manage My Health, the portal which enables you to make an appointment, request a repeat prescription, see your test results and securely email your doctor, without the need to phone us.  Please ask to register at reception next time you're here. 

Seeking your feedback is an important part of HCH, so we're continuing to participate in the quarterly Patient Experience Survey, and encourage you as well to let us know if you have comments and suggestions you'd like to make about our service.

The goal is to build strong, sustainable primary care through the Health Care Home (HCH) model of care.

The Piki website and Melon Health app are now live

May 13 2019

Piki is available to young people aged 18-25 living in the greater Wellington region.  

Piki is a Maori word meaning both to support or aid, and to climb or ascend.

Piki offers free access to therapy and support at a convenient time and place, and an emotional wellness app that helps you access support and track your progress.

Find out more at: https://www.piki.org.nz/en

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