Updates from the Practice Team

ACC subsidies

Mar 08 2016

We're sometimes asked about our fees for consultations claimed to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).  Many of our enrolled patients expect ACC consultations to be low cost or free of charge.

In fact, our ACC charges are sometimes higher than our non-ACC charges for enrolled patients.

We receive health ministry funding for our enrolled patients and pass this on to them, which reduces our fee for a standard consultation.  This funding does not cover ACC consultations.

We receive separate funding from ACC for accidental injury consultations.  In some cases, this funding is lower than the funding for enrolled patients; therefore the fee we charge for ACC consultations can be higher than our fee for non-ACC consultations.  However, the ACC also subsidises other services such as wound dressings, home help, transport costs and earnings related compensation after some accidental injuries.  It can be worthwhile to make an ACC claim at the time of an accident in case of later complications, even if the initial fee to see your GP is slightly higher.

If you have any questions about our ACC charges, please ask your doctor or our practice manager.

Test Results Patient Information

Mar 07 2016

We usually receive test results between one and three days after they were taken.  Some results take longer, in some cases several weeks.  Your doctor will give you an indication of how long you can expect the results to take.

We will contact you by phone, SMS Text or mail if your results indicate a need for further treatment or investigation.  Sometimes your doctor will ask you to return for another appointment to discuss your results.

When results are normal or don't require follow up, we file them in your records; we will not usually notify you directly about these results. If you're interested in the detail of your results, you're welcome to register for Healthcare Online, using Manage My Health, where you can view your test results online via a secure website.  Alternatively, you're welcome to call us - please ring after 11.00 am.  We'll try to get back to you on the same day or the next day.

Transition of laboratory services to Wellington SCL

Nov 02 2015

From 1 November 2015 laboratory services will be provided by Wellington SCL*, which will  integrate community and hospital laboratory services in the Capital & Coast, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa regions. 

You may notice a logo change from the previous Aotea Pathology logo, but most other changes are happening behind the scenes to reduce disruption.  The community lab collection centres will remain in the same locations, and you can access the laboratory website at http://wellingtonscl.co.nz for more information.  If you have any questions please call the laboratory on 04 381 5900 or give us a call. 

We appreciate your understanding during this transitional period, as the laboratory staff are adapting to enormous changes, including new computer systems, and are working hard to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

* Southern Community Laboratories

Fees changes 1 July 2015

Jun 29 2015

From 1 July 2015 we will provide normal GP consultations free of charge for children aged under 13 who are enrolled with us.

Some appointments and services are not free of charge to enrolled children aged under 13 years.  These include:

  • repeat prescriptions
  • longer appointments
  • equipment charges
  • travel vaccines
  • nurse appointments (except for scheduled childhood immunisations, which remain free to all children)
  • ACC appointments.  However, due to increased funding from ACC, our ACC appointments will be charged at a lower rate from 1 July 2015 for children aged under 13

See our latest chart of fees, or call us if you have any questions.

New Zealand Immigration Medicals

May 20 2015

Please note that from the end of May 2015, we will no longer be providing NZ Immigration Medicals.

Go to www.immigration.govt.nz and click on Onshore Panel Physician Network to find a list of providers.  (Please note that The Terrace Medical Clinic is listed: this is not us.  Although located along the corridor from one another, we are completely separate entities).

Changes to the Shared Care Record

Mar 26 2015

Since 7 April 2014, a summary of your health records has been immediately available to hospital clinicians and afterhours GPs, as the electronic Shared Care Record was launched in Wellington, Porirua and the Kapiti Coast.

From 20 April 2015, there will be some changes to the Shared Care Record.  In brief, this means:

  •  GPs will be able to access the Shared Care Record for casual patients seen in their practices.
  •  GP access to the Shared Care Record will be extended to include the Hutt Valley region.

The Shared Care Record lets authorised health care providers, such as after hours GPs and hospital doctors, access a summary of information from your GP.

Information such as your test results, medical conditions, allergies and prescribed medications will be shared. The information will be available at any time, even if our medical practice is closed.

The information is stored securely in New Zealand and all access to the information is recorded and routinely audited.

You can choose to withhold some or all of your information. However, if you choose to withhold your information, health professionals involved in your care, for example in an emergency or after hours situation, may not immediately have information available and this could delay appropriate treatment and mean additional tests are needed.

If you don’t wish other health providers to have access to your Shared Care Record, you can opt-out by calling us on 0800 727 664, telling your GP, or sending a letter to the freepost address below:

Freepost Authority Shared Care Record
Compass Health
PO Box 27380
Marion Square
Wellington 6141 (No stamp required)

For more information on the Shared Care Record Project, click here.

Long Term Conditions

Feb 18 2015

In October 2014 Care Plus ended and was replaced by our Long Term Conditions programme (LTC). Our Primary Health Organisation provides funding for our Long Term Conditions programme, to enable us to work together with those who are living with one or more long term health conditions.

Our LTC:

  • Is designed to be flexible - unlike Care Plus, it's not based on having appointments every three months.
  • Provides one free appointment per year with your GP and practice nurse - to focus on managing your long term conditions.
  • Allows for some additional free appointments - according to your individual needs. Your GP will discuss your LTC schedule with you.
  • Please note: repeat prescriptions are not funded under our LTC - so when requested between appointments, our usual prescription charges apply.

If you want to know more about LTC, please talk to your GP at your next visit.

Text messages

Feb 10 2015

From February 2015 we can send you a text to remind you about, for example, immunisations and regular examinations, or to let you know that your test results are back. We'll also remind you about your appointment time by text.

If you'd prefer not to receive text messages, please let us know, and we'll continue to contact you by phone or mail rather than by text.

Whichever contact method you prefer, we always appreciate your keeping us up to date with your current contact details.

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