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Minor surgery information

Jan 30 2015

Our doctors provide minor surgery for mole removals, correction of ingrown toenails and removal of cysts and other small growths. You'll need a 15 minute appointment first so that an assessment can be made whether minor surgery here is appropriate or if referral to a specialist is required. At this first appointment, your GP will be able to give you a quote for the likely costs of surgery and will advise you about the procedure and potential risks. You can then arrange an appointment; please let our receptionists know that it’s for minor surgery so that they can allow 30 minutes of time.

Minor surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and should not be unduly painful. You can take paracetamol afterwards for any pain once the anaesthetic has worn off (after about an hour). If you're having a procedure involving your feet it’s a good idea to bring open sandals to wear home over the dressings. We'll book follow up appointments for you with our nurses for any changes of dressing and for removal of stitches (usually seven to ten days after surgery, as advised by your doctor).

In most cases, specimens are sent to the laboratory for analysis, and results are usually available after about a week. We'll contact you about important results and those requiring follow up. Results are often available by the time you come in for removal of stitches, and our nurse or your GP can discuss them with you then.  If you haven’t heard from us after two weeks and want to know your results you can ring to request them.

Rocky has had a total hip replacement

Jan 28 2015

For over thirty years, our young patients have enjoyed riding our rocking horse in the waiting room.  Thanks to Ann's husband Bill, Rocky has now had a complete hip replacement (as well as a face lift and body resurfacing) and is back in service.  He remains as popular as ever, as you can see from this photo of Rocky with Laura's son. Rocky.JPG

Welcome to our website

Jan 26 2015

The Terrace Medical Centre is proud to present our website

This website is designed to be completely functional on all devices: your computer, your tablet and your smartphone.  Features include connection to our key services listing, enrolment and fees information, news updates and self-help resources and guides.



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